Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A warm blanket of snow

I consider temperatures down to -8C to be eminently bearable - wrap up warm (M65 parka, Rossignol skiing gloves, fur-trapper hat, Biedronka boots and my new grey scarf, maybe a thin sweater under my Vistula suit - no vest or t-shirt, heavens forfend!) and such temperatures hold no dread. Minus 15C is a different matter; this limits my enjoyment of being outdoors - unless the sun's shining.

Last night it snowed hard, but this morning the temperature was a mere -1C which, after the -10C we had on Sunday, is a doddle. There was much snow. But - dare I say - pleasantly warm. Much more pleasant than +2C with rain and wind. So then - a few snaps from this morning. 
Skwer Olgi i Andrzeja Małkowskiego, Mokotów.  Silent morning park.

A view of Sielce from the top of the Vistula escarpment

Ul. Gagarina, looking east towards ul. Czerniakowska

Outside my office, Al. Szucha. Cars parked overnight are hidden by snow

This time last year:
Tinker, Tailor - the allure of film-going

This time five years ago:
Trundling Tamara

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