Saturday, 12 January 2013

City centre vandalism

Centrum tram stop, Friday lunchtime. Some vandal has smashed the side window on the tram shelter. An unsightly sore on the face of Our City. Younger passers-by ignore the damage.

Shame on the perpetrator - a few days in the stocks would be a good solution - punishment I'd also recommend for fly-tippers who dump their old fridges, sofas and household waste in woods and fields.
Right: framed by the broken glass, a grey-haired passenger takes a moment to survey the damage. He's thinking what I'm thinking. In the background, the Novotel (formerly Forum) hotel on Rondo Dmowskiego. A cold wind's blowing, time to hurry back to the office on board a 35 tram.

Below: as the tram passes Pl. Zbawiciela, I snap the Tolerance Rainbow, which has been torched again by some nasty element.

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Unknown said...

Michal - it is truly a shame. I also see it constantly and it is a plague all over Poland, not only in the bigger cities. One sees destroyed bus shelters all along the main roads.

In addition a real scourge is the vandalism that takes place targeting the elevators for the disabled.

It seems that people just don't have any respect for things that are not their own possessions - sickening.