Monday, 21 January 2013

Around town in the snow

Snow fell pretty much all day today, and it will continue to fall all night, all of tomorrow, and Wednesday, and into Thursday too. So - a lot of snow to be shifted by the city's roads authority (ZDM). Daytime high temperature -6C, a doddle. By the evening, -9C.

Poleczki Business Park, 7:50am; snow and steam.

Petrol station on ul. Dolna, evening.

Park Dreszera - tram number obscured by snow.

The Scottish restaurant, corner of Wałbrzyska and Puławska
Meanwhile, London is paralysed by half an inch of snow and -2C temperatures. Amber Alert!

This time last year:
Reference books are dead

This time two years ago:
A winter walk to work, and wet socks


Bob said...

That classic Scottish breakfast of a Egg McMuffin is a great way to start on a frigid Warsaw morning!

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Bob

I'd rather an Egg McHaggis :)

Marcin said...

You're just jealous of us in the UK. Snow day is a great excuse to do some work from home, or no work at all ;-)

They already say it might cause a triple dip recession. Oops.

Michael Dembinski said...

Good point Marcin - I guess UK economists will be pinning Q1's dismal GDP figures on 'an abnormally harsh winter', while the words 'snow' and 'winter' will not get a mention in any discussion of Poland's Q1 economic performance!

At 7:20 this morning, the builders were hard at work on the viaduct over ul.Puławska. Temperature was -9C, snow swirling around - work must go on!

student SGH said...

For the record - harsh winter contributed to slower growth in 1Q2010, this was mentioned by many economists.

Who else remembers a long-term forecast from November 2012 saying this winter would be exceptionally mild? We're not going into extremes yet (temperature in Warsaw hasn't dropped below -16C this winter (compared to last winter's low of -23C, -19C in 2010/2011 season and -23C in 2009/2010) and we have merely 22 centimetres of snow (compared to 53 centimetres in mid-February 2010)).

The most important thing is not to let the weather disturb your plans. In Poland people normally commute to work, despite some typical disruptions, everything functions normally, while western countries are brought to a standstill by three centimetres of snow.

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Student SGH:

My point precisely! We're not experiencing an extreme winter. Clearing the snow in the drive this evening, I recalled that it has piled up many times higher than this in past years.

Today in the office, not one person even mentioned the weather.