Friday, 26 September 2014

Between Equinox and Equilux

This wheel's on fire... rolling down the road... From Warsaw to Szczytno (22 September) and back (24 September). No commentary, just the captioned photographs, whacked-up to reflect what I saw and felt.

Somewhere on the Krajowa Siodemka, south of Nidzica
Lovely, vivid, full rainbow - and I left my 10-24mm lens at home!
The road to Szczytno between Nidzica and Jedwabno
The road back to Warsaw between Szczytno and Jedwabno
Re-entering Warsaw's atmosphere, south of Płońsk
Back in Jeziorki; dusk.
This time two years ago:
Heritage or high-rise?

This time last year:
Shopping notes

This time four years ago:
My grandfather

This time six years ago:
Surreal twilight, ul.Karczunkowska

This time seven years ago:
From Warsaw to Seville, via Munich and Madrid


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Anonymous said...

Looking at a map I think you mean Jedwabno rather than Jedwabne in the third and fourth captions. Anyway, some beautiful shots.

Anonymous said...

staggeringly good photographs - the glory of life and nature in one.

Reverend Frater Octobercoum