Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Inverted September reflections

Another month hurries to an end, and with it late summer moves hurriedly into early autumn. Each day is four minutes shorter than the previous one; half an hour of daylight gone in a week. Dark when I get home from work - soon it will be dark when I leave work. Never mind, the world tilts as it spins around the sun; it will tilt back to give the Northern Hemisphere more light in six months time.

Two photos that didn't make it into the month's narrative - and a warm, sunny September it turned out to be. So - here they are - one from the centre of town where I work, the other taken eight miles (13km) away, on the edge of town where I live in semi-pastoral surroundings...

This time last year:
Observations from London's WC1
and Observations from the City of London

This time two years ago:
Civilising Jeziorki's wetlands

This time three years ago:
Warsaw's Aleje Jerozolimskie

This time four years ago:
Melancholy autumn mood in Łazienki

This time six years ago:
Autumn gold, Zamienie

This time seven years ago:
Flamenco Sketches - Seville

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toyah said...

Strictly beautiful. The photos as well as the post itself.