Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Road - and the lack of it

Yeah. Early morning. Pull over to the side of the highway, Nowy Podolszyn, below, catch that feeling. CLICK! It's back - that split second when my soul recognises some other reality. Just across the brow of the hill - a diner? I once wrote about possessing this wonderful, fleeting, sensation being somewhat akin to an archeologist examining a shard of pottery from some long gone age - not the best analogy. It's far less tangible than that. It's more like the work of a sub-atomic physicist; catching that evanescent moment when two particles collide, and recording the outcome. When that moment happens, as it frequently does, I mull it over in my mind - I try to capture its elusive quality - it is so familiar, yet not from this life.

Below: back to prosaic reality, on the border of Nowy Podolszyn and Zgorzała. The asphalt ends (ul. Złota, Nowy Podolszyn) and the dirt track (ul. Raszyńska, Zgorzała) starts. At this time of year passable (just); but when the autumn rains start to fall, this stretch becomes a morass that will find you axle-deep in mud. You'd think the new housing development over to the left would be a spur to laying down asphalt all the way through, linking the two villages. It really is high time.

Similarly, there's no asphalt south of Podolszyn linking it to Lesznowola. As a consequence, these villages, just south of the borders of Warsaw, are held back in their development.

This time five years ago:
I cycle to work along the cyclepath along ul. Rosoła

This time six years ago:
First apple (today, the same tree groans with fruit)

This time seven years ago:
Late summer spiders webs

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