Saturday, 30 January 2016

Ealing in bloom. In January.

I flew to London yesterday, and arriving at my father's house I was surprised to see that the crocuses had already come into flower in the back garden. This suggests that spring will be three weeks early this year. After the warmest and wettest December ever recorded, January continues the spell of anomalous weather.

Daffodils are associated in Britain with St David's Day - the patron saint of Wales, which is 1 March. And here we are, late January, and the first daffs have come into flower.

Below: crocuses on the lawn. Usually, a sight seen in early March (see this post from 2014).

Below: bright yellow flowers against a bright blue sky.

Below: yellow crocuses in Pitshanger Park.

Frost may yet come and claim it all back for winter, but not next week - the Met Office forecasts a temperature range of 2C (nighttime low) to 14C (daytime high) between now and Friday. Which is a similar range to what Warsaw can expect.

It will be windy in Britain - in particular up north, with another named storm (Henry) due, the eighth to hit the UK since November.

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Joy said...

Wow...spring does seem quite early right now! Pretty flowers while we're in the midst of summer here Down Under. :) Enjoy!