Sunday, 10 January 2016

Work on the tracks continues apace, disruption widespread

It's a Saturday, time to pop down to W-wa Jeziorki station check out how the modernisation of the railway line's getting on. I'm delighted to be able to report that it's going well.

Below: looking north along the platform towards ul. Karczunkowska and onwards to W-wa Dawidy beyond. Tracks are being lifted, the trackbed will be prepared for new concrete sleepers and rails. Note - the traction cables have been removed from the catenaries. They came down before Christmas.

Below: trees between the platform and ul. Gogolińska have been marked for removal. This is where the new platform will be built. The idea is to allow the 'up' and 'down' tracks to run straight without the 'up' track having to be routed round the island platform. This will allow faster running times for through trains. The new 'up' platform (for town) will be situated north of Karczunkowska.

Below: looking south from the end of the platform towards Nowa Iwiczna. With the 'down' track lifted, both up and down services are forced to use this one line. Note how the 'up' line bends to accommodate the island platform. Because of the single-track working working Piaseczno up to W-wa Okęcie, services have been reduced. More about this later. To the left of the photo, the coal-train line, unelectrified, which swings off east to Jeziorna and Siekierki past Nowa Iwiczna station.

Photos taken on Three Kings public holiday at W-wa Dawidy. Below: a fence has been erected to keep passengers away from the now-disused 'down' platform. Photo taken from the level crossing on ul. Baletowa. Plans to build a viaduct over the tracks here have come to nought (for the time being at least). In the distance the lights of a semi-fast train to Radom hoves into view - the RE8 service does not stop at W-wa Dawidy or W-wa Jeziorki.

Below: a coal train to Siekierki awaits the signal at the exit from the Okęcie sidings. This photo also shows the amount of bend in the 'up' track required to swing around W-wa Dawidy's island platform.

The modernisation work has hit services from W-wa Śródmieście (below, photo taken on Friday evening). Trains are usually delayed in both directions. The 10km of track currently under single-line working means that any slight delay in services in either direction has massive knock-on effects. And today, Koleje Mazowieckie announced that a cracked rail on this stretch meant a 90 minute delay to services.

This means massive dislocation for all commuters between Warsaw and Piaseczno and all points south. Because the number of services has been reduced, there's more road traffic down ul. Puławska, private car and bus. [Rather than one train every 30 minutes, there's a 75-minute interval between services to W-wa Jeziorki during the evening rush hour.] Puławska as a result gets even more jammed. Having found on Friday that I have a 45-minute wait for the train to Jeziorki, I decided to take the Metro to Wilanowska, boarded a 715 to Karczunkowska - which took 45 minutes rather than the 25 minutes in the timetables. Having said that, there are 19 (yes, nineteen) bus departures between 17:00 and 18:00 from Wilanowska to Karczunkowska.

I hope that when the work is completed (it will go on well into next year - demolishing four platforms and building seven new ones between Okęcie and Piaseczno, and laying the new tracks) we'll see the SKM trains running through Jeziorki and the number of trains increased five-fold.

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Ross Humphries said...

Thanks for blogging Mike. Two years ago you said,
"In a year's time, I shall review how useful it all is". Did you review about your Twitter account? Interested.

Marcin said...

Thanks for the report. As far as I am informed, an "up" platform is going to be south of Karczunkowska, while the Radom-bound one: on the northern side of the viaduct. The viaduct itself is going to be slighly more to the south from the current level crossing.

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Ross - will do soon.

@ Marcin - many thanks for your comment, which I take as being more informed than my casual observations. The problem with situating the Radom-bound platform north of Karczunkowska is the location of the garages there - busy servicing cars - would make more sense to have the 'down' platform between Gogolińska and the tracks. And if there's to be a park+ride at W-wa Jeziorki, it would make sense to have the 'up' platform between the 'up' track and the coal train track.

Still, good to hear the viaduct is still on the cards!

dr Marcin said...

Hi Mike,

Just because me gonna be in UK for unknown time period, I have a request to you to report W-wa Jeziorki works some more frequently. I hope you shall understand why.

All the very best

student SGH said...

Oddly enough, I have not noticed denser traffic on ul. Puławska. Despite wintery conditions and end of holiday period, I make it to the office and back within one hour (in peak hours).

Looking forward to seeing crews in NI (so far tracks ripped off to Mysiadlo only)

Ian Wilcock said...

Do you know if Nowa Iwiczna and Dawidy will get bridges as well?

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Ian

As far as I know, there was no viaduct planned for Nowa Iwiczna. There were plans for W-wa Dawidy/ul. Baletowa, but the latest news is that the viaduct won't be built - at least within the scope of the current project.

Work has already got under way on the new 'down' platform, which indeed is located north of ul. Karczunkowska.