Saturday, 23 January 2016

Under the moonlight - lux selene

The combination of a full moon, a hard frost and clear sky set me off to catch some more nocturnal snaps on the ice. In effect, a continuation of yesterday's shoot, but with different equipment. Today I took my Nikon Coolpix A, focused manually at infinity, quarter-second exposure at f2.8, with 6,400 ISO. The electronic screen on the back of the camera that acts as viewfinder proved useless; other than the moon, I could see squat. Still, the moon as reference point and a few bracketed shots to check exposure, and I got some results.

Below: I climbed to the top of the small island in the middle of the ponds to get this shot. Lack of human footprints up here suggest I'm the first to get up here this winter.

Below: I scramble down the other side to photograph the moon with the island silhouetted against the sky. Note the tracks of wildlife in the foreground.

I also took the 10-24mm zoom on my Nikon D3300. Set at a sixth of a second at f3.5 and 12,800 ISO. Looking south, houses on ul. Trombity along the right side of the pic. Note car tyre tracks in the snow.

Below: the moon shines through the line of trees that forms the break between the south and middle ponds. Want an axe to break the ice?

Below: a plethora of tyre tracks on the north pond, nearest ul. Kórnicka, suggests that many a driver braved the ice today to have a try a handbrake turns and other thrills. Given the temperature was below zero for over a week, this can currently be attempted without risk.

Below: time to head home, following a pair of tyre tracks that lead all the way back. Another frosty night is due, although by tomorrow evening, the temperature will have risen to zero.

On days like today, one must venture out and snap. One lesson for me using the Coolpix A is that the camera can now distinguish between light and dark better than the human eye (and far better than its own screen).

Ah! And happy birthday Moni (23 today - time flies).

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