Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Dziadzio explores Jeziorki

Today, after three intensive days in town, and ahead of a further two such days, my father had a lie-in, had a late breakfast with his granddaughter Moni and me, and together we set off for a walk around Jeziorki, to show him what makes this part of Warsaw so special. For my father, who lives in West Ealing, eight and half miles from the centre of London, the rural nature of Jeziorki made a big impression. For we are closer to the centre of Warsaw, and yet to find a place as rural as this west of London, you'd have to travel out to Buckinghamshire.

Below: a moment of contemplation - the flowers, the dragonflies, the butterflies, the birds - the solitude - of Jeziorki, albeit punctuated by airliners regularly flying overhead.

My father walked 6km around the ponds, to the railway line, back home, and then, on a second walk, past the pond on ul. Pozytywki to Lidl and back again. We bought him a pedometer for Christmas so, like me, he records each day the number of paces walked. Regular walking is the best medicine.

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Anonymous said...

Love these "dziadzo" posts...keep them coming.

Bob said...

Great to see Michal! Looking forward to the summary of how he felt during this nostalgic trip.