Sunday, 28 August 2016

More Sandomierz photos

Like Edinburgh, the visual beauty of Sandomierz's architecture requires more than one post to cover. [Here's a link to the first post, from yesterday.] Below: looking towards the Old Town square from ul. Mariacka.

Below: the Church of St Michael the Archangel on ul. Żeromskiego. The building to the right on Powale Górne is a new build; Google Streetview imagery from 2013 shows it still under construction. Sandomierz cares about keeping the architecture unified. Note too lack of graffiti.

Left: golden cobblestones along ul. Bartolona, leading down towards the Podwale. Note the massive brick buttresses holding up the walls.

Below: the Bishops' Palace on ul. Mariacka, the road that leads from the Old Town square to the castle, passing the cathedral on the way.

Below: the colonnaded passage in front of the post office, the Opatowska gate is visible in the distance.

Left: under a perfect azure sky, lit by strong late-August sun, the colours of the houses on the Old Town market square are most impressive. There's a similarity with Warsaw's Starówka, though the buildings are lower, two-three storey structures on the square, and one-two storey structures on the streets running off it.

Below: an ice cream and waffle stand on ul Gen. Michała Sokolnickiego

Below: looking down Sokolnickiego towards the Old Town market square.

Sandomierz, I will be back!

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John Savery said...

Sandomierz is a beautiful town, one that more people are discovering as it is the location for the television programme "Ojciec Mateusz". I was fortunate enough to get married a few miles away from it last October, and the wedding photos were taken around the town, with clear blue skies as in your photos. The day was that clear we could see across to Stalowa Wola (15 miles away) from the hotel we stayed and had the reception at (Maly Rzym, located on the hill, walking distance from the old town.) The change in the town since 2006, when I first visited is fantastic.

Michael Dembinski said...

@ John Savery

I was unaware about Ojciec Mateusz until I was due to travel down, and my female colleagues began talking excitedly about this TV show. Verily, once I got down there, I found Ojciec Mateusz-themed tours of the town as well as books and posters all over the place. It has certainly helped. Like Morse and Oxford!