Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pavements for Karczunkowska and other development matters

No sight along ul. Karczunkowska could warm my heart more than the laying of a pavement from the security-printing works, PWPW, all the way down to ul. Sarabandy. This 270-metre long portion of civilised life cuts out the messiest, muddiest and most dangerous stretch of pedestrians' walk from Trombity to the bus stop on Puławska. After years of complaining and frustration, at last the slabs are being laid.

Left: here it is! Lovely! Looking west along Karczunkowska. Note the margin between the asphalt and the paving slabs - inlaid with gravel, will grass one day naturally grow between the stone chips? I hope so!

Meanwhile, at the other end of the road, Karczunkowska has been furnished with a temporary pavement stretching from the new platform at W-wa Jeziorki station to the temporary bus stop on the corner of ul. Nawłocka. Will this finally get paving slabs? If not, it may well turn into a pot-holed muddy track before the end of spring.

This leaves the longest stretch, between Nawłocka and PWPW, without a pavement, but at least there is hope as all of a sudden something has stirred.

The big project to build the pavement all the way from Puławska through to Warsaw's border near Zgorzała and Zamienie has been put on hold for budgetary reasons. It was to have been initiated by Warsaw's roads department (Zarząd Dróg Miejskich) rather than by Ursynów town hall, as Karczunkowska is a Droga Powiatowa (a road of greater than-merely-local-importance). The 2.4km stretch was to have been furnished with a cycle path and widened accordingly.

Left: looking east along ul. Karczunkowska. With this project no longer a realistic prospect, local residents' anger at the lack of pavement prompted the Ursynów district authorities to take matters in their own hands.

Last December, they built an 80m-long stretch of pavement from ul. Sarabandy to the bus stop on the corner of Karczunkowska and Puławska (this project was voted number one in the 2015 participatory budget exercise). Now they have built on. It still leaves 1km between PWPW and ul. Nawłocka.

Meanwhile, (thanks Dr Marcin) news from the other end of Karczunkowska is that the level crossing gate-keeper's hut will not be pulled down immediately, but has been given a two-week stay of execution.

The road has been closed to traffic - there are still chancers who reckon the no entry, road closed, diversions in force signs don't actually apply to them. But generally, the road is excitingly quiet  (below).

Momentous times in Jeziorki!

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dr Marcin said...

I talked with some of white helmet (mostly, supervision or engineer staff) guy, who he told me that gate-keeper's hut should be demolished as only as solid construction works of viaduct will begin. There should be a leg of one of the pillars of a viaduct in place of a hut. All of that, what happens right now on a cut between Nawłocka and a bit before Karczunkowska bow (nearby city limits) is just only some of preparatory works to have a terrain prepared for proper constructional works... i.e. viaduct drainage, electricity and telecom wires replacement, old loop liquidation....