Sunday, 9 April 2017

Karczunkowska is open (sadly!); Jeziorki ponds path being built; bikes for sale

Anyone who's been away from Jeziorki for several months will hardly recognise the place. Below: ul. Karczunkowska merges seamlessly into Gogolińska, on its way past the new 'up' platform towards the temporary level crossing. The asphalt you see in the foreground will give way under a new alignment of Karczunkowska - this view in a few years time will be of a viaduct carrying the road over the tracks. It will run roughly between where the red Seicento and the blue portaloo are standing.

And here we have the traffic. Four cars in a row indicate the density of usage that'll be expected once drivers get to hear that that road's been reopened. Note the road signs - no trucks (other than municipal services and construction plant), and a 40km/h speed limit.

Further changes to Jeziorki: a footpath is being built around the eastern edge of our ponds, and ul. Dumki will hopefully be closed to motorised traffic beyond where the asphalt currently stops. More on this story as it develops...

The middle and northern ponds will get bird-watching platforms built out into the water. The NIMBY in me fears an invasion of beer-drinking youths who mindlessly discard their litter around here.

In other local news, the pavement along ul. Karczunkowska has now been extended all the way from the junction with ul. Trombity to the PWPW security printing plant. This now means I can walk safely and with clean shoes all the way all to ul. Puławska. Still to do: the entire stretch of Karczunkowska from Trombity to Nawłocka.

Finally, with the bike season almost upon us - two of my vintage bikes have to go to make room in the garage. Both are mega-rare hipster treasures that need an appreciative buyer... Below: my handmade 1989 Pete White urban flyer, designed by me for city streets. Upright frame angles for responsive handling, Shimano hub gears and enclosed brakes for perfect braking even in the wet. Brooks B17 saddle. Frame (22") made of Reynolds 531 tubing. 27" alloy wheels. Complete with London Cycling Campaign sticker with an '01-for-London' (pre-1990) phone number.

Below: my 1984 Holdsworth Triath Elan road bike, 27" alloy wheels, 21" frame, Reynolds 531 frame, Campagnolo groupset, Brooks B17 saddle. Eroica Britannia eligible (bikes have to be pre-1987).

I'm open to offers around 1,000 złotys per bike, free delivery to anywhere within 20km of Jeziorki. Drop me an email ( if you've any questions regarding these two deliciously retro bicycles.

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Ian said...

The old platform at Nowa Iwiczna is now being dismantled and the track has been pulled up ready for the new platform and tracks. I wonder how long before it is two tracks again?