Thursday, 6 April 2017

Contemplative imagery

Lent 2017: Day 37

April. With the clocks forward and sunset after seven; the clouds, driven by icy northerly winds, bringing hail like little white machine gun bullets, darken the sky or form a backdrop which the strong low sun can illuminate...

Below: sunlit blocks, Al. Jerozolimskie

Below: Forty - the trees just days away from coming into fresh leaf

Below: early April sunset, Jeziorki

Below: dusk descends on ul. Karczunkowska's temporary asphalt

Below: my train departs in ten minutes

Below: works train stands at W-wa Okęcie station. Half past six. Three months ago, it would have been dark for three hours already at this time.

Below: bowling green sunset, Pitshanger Park.

Below: the sun's gone down over West London, but still illuminates the peaks of the highest clouds.

Click to enlarge; allow yourself to be drawn into the image, sense the klimat...

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