Monday, 24 April 2017

Progress by the ponds

I couldn't resist getting ofp the train at W-wa Dawidy and walking back along ul. Dumki to see what has changed today. By five pm the workers had departed, but new progress has been made, with the path extending southwards to join up with the one alongside the southern pond.

Below: view looking north. Once completed, the path will make the walk home from W-wa Dawidy a joy.

Below: view looking west. Note the pier supports that will soon carry a viewing platform out into the pond. Not as good a vantage point as the two platforms further north - that's where the wildfowl is.

When the project is complete, Jeziorki's ponds will become hugely popular. May this not bring litter and vandalism.

Bonus photos from yesterday. Below: American Afternoon 1: that sky... Suddenly, I am transported back to a lesson at primary school with Miss Hazan; she was reading us a Janet and John book (Five and Half Club?) which mentioned the big blue skies over America. She'd just been there on holiday, and said the skies there, in the Midwest, were unlike any she'd ever seen over England. I somehow then (aged seven or eight) knew exactly what she meant. This. [Ul. Karczunkowska, looking east.]

And this. American Afternoon II [From ul. Trombity looking east.] Without polarising filter.

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