Sunday, 7 April 2019

Thanks for the memory - morning flashback

Across Puławska, beyond the giant Selgros cash and carry, I espied a quartet of trucks. Awaiting unloading? Don't know. They there stood gleaming in the morning sunshine, and released within me a flashback to childhood - it came there instantly - a diecast Matchbox toy truck that I had in the mid-1960s, an American tractor-and-double-trailer combo. Long gone, the last part left was the four-wheel bogie linking the two trailers (I believe the children still played with that in the mid-1990s).

Right now there are two of these on eBay, mint and boxed; one for $127 (in Australia) and one for $250 (in the US), plus postage. I have no desire to actually spend such money on old toys, mainly because I know that owning one will not bring back the precise qualia of experience back in the same way as merely thinking about it, savouring the memory.

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