Sunday, 16 December 2007

A light dusting

Back in Warsaw for a week before departing Kingdom-side for the festival of Yule, where I shall be celebrating the lengthening day. Today was probably the last time this year I'll be able to take a walk around Jeziorki with my camera. Next week's long and busy, and Moni, Eddie and I fly off on Saturday for London.

The weather seems to have finally turned wintery. The frost held all day and there was a light dusting of snow - enough to make the gloomy late afternoon landscape interesting. Above: ul. Sarabandy. It's less than an hour before sunset, and we're a week before winter solstice. The sky is so overcast that aircraft on final approach to Okecie are still invisible as they roar directly overhead.
Above: At the crossroads - footpaths and drives to the right, to the left ul. Dumki makes its way (below) between a marshy pond and a small stand of birch trees before joining ul. Trombity. The smell of wood smoke is in the air.

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