Sunday, 30 December 2007

Xmas lights, Jeziorki

Pretty much every house in Jeziorki has its display of Xmas lights outside. This is a recent social phenomenon. Once it was enough to decorate one's indoor tree; today, it's become pretty much obligatory to put on a decent light show for passers-by. And I, for one, like it. Here in the darkest time of year, the extra coloured lights lift the spirits. Plus, there's the element of competition - no one likes to be outdone by their neighbour.

This year, ul. Sarabandy definitely has the edge over the rest of Jeziorki in terms of the density of its outdoor lighting. Not a single house is devoid of external Xmas illumination. It's a shame that there's been no snow - that would really make the neighbourhood look wonderful.

As I wandered around with my tripod and camera, it occurred to me that our local power supplier, Vattenfall, is sponsoring the Xmas Lights photo competition run by Gazeta Wyborcza. Of course! The more of these lights are on outside people's houses, the greater their electricity bill!

It would, however, be hypocritical of me to criticise, as I get through as much electricity heating our sauna for an hour as the average Jeziorki householder would use illuminating his front garden for the entire night.

Driving down ul. Trombity, the density of external illuminations was slightly lower, but still over two-thirds of houses on our road had lights outside.

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