Saturday, 9 February 2008

Jeziorki in the fog

A foggy start to the day. I was up at 4:30 to deliver the children to school from where they were heading off for their winter holidays with the scouts and guides. After a brief nap, I was up to photograph Jeziorki cloaked in thick fog. Above: detached house on ul. Kaczunkowska. It looks small, but goes back quite a way from the road.

Right: A gaggle of babcias waiting for the 715 (I'd guess to take them to church, even though it's Saturday). It's worth noting that as of the beginning of this month, the 319 bus is no more; the route has been extended (it now ends at Zamienie rather than at PKP Jeziorki railway station). The route's number has changed to 809, the 800-series routes are all Monday to Friday services that extend beyond Warsaw's borders (in this case, by only two bus stops). No changes at the other end of the line, like the old 319, the 809 goes to Metro Wilanowska.

The N83 night bus still terminates at PKP Jeziorki. If it didn't, the recently-built bus terminus at Jeziorki would be redundant and have proved to be a waste of money. I suspect that's why the N83 has also not been extended the extra two stops to the terminus at Zamienie.

Above: I continued my walk through Dawidy Bankowe. Another rural house lost among the foggy fields.

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