Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Two weeks into Lent

Fourteen days gone, 32 to go... The caffeine withdrawal headaches have gone, as predicted, by day ten. Am getting fed up with the taste of soya protein. Coconut milk a nice discovery, as are (unsalted) macadamia nuts and dried cranberries. Not missing meat at all. Been to two events where everyone was drinking - I missed getting into the fun of things. Everyone's talking volubly, I'm struggling to keep up with the witty banter. I've consumed trace amounts of meat and fish (stock), cheese (in pesto) - that's it.

Sit ups - up to 90 today (two lots of 45). Starting to see two rows of muscle gingerly emerging from the fat. Weight - a mere pound scrubbed off after two weeks of rabbit food (down to 11 st 10 lbs/74.5kg) but there's still four and half weeks left. I continue not to listen to music nor watch any TV or movies. Sticking with it!

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