Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Park & Ride at Stokłosy

I've not noticed this before - the bus terminus at Ursynów Płn. has been converted into a car park. What clever joined-up thinking on the part of the city transport authorities. The bus terminus was clearly underused - it was big enough for 15 buses, but even in the rush hours there'd not be more than three. So turning this into a Park & Ride facility was a very good idea. Yet a quick glance at the number plates of the cars in it suggests that something's not right with Warsaw's strategic transport planning. Two thirds of the cars are on Piaseczno plates. While it's encouraging that these cars are not going all the way into town, they've already made it more than halfway to Warsaw's city centre from Piaseczno.

This immediately suggests that if Koleje Mazowieckie could lay on not five trains from Piaseczno to central Warsaw between 7am and 9am but say 20 trains, they'd all be full of grateful commuters, who would not have to drive 10km to Stokłosy to take the Metro the next ten.

UPDATE JULY 2009: Number of KM trains linking W-wa Jeziorki to Warsaw between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00am? Exactly ZERO.


Rubeus said...

20 trains at morning rush hours ? Science-Fiction. Ther is not enough free space at Warszawa-Radom railroad.

Michael Dembinski said...

The problem's not on the Radom line, but where it joins all the other lines running in from the south, south-west, west and north-west - the junctions running into W-wa Zachodnia