Monday, 6 April 2009

Lenten Recipe No. 6

Tuna and chick pea pesto salad

An easy, nutricious breakfast or evening snack.


One 200g tin of tuna. We buy John West ("It's the fish that John West rejects [sfx clanging tins falling on floor] that make John West [pause] the best"). Third of a 250g tin of Bonduelle chickpeas. Two large teaspoons of pesto. Favourite brand (available in Warsaw) - Gran' Italia. The others on sale are bland, lack the distinctive taste. Note: Pesto contains traces of cheese. This has been my only form of dairy product intake over Lent.


Mix in well and eat, with slice of fresh bread, toast or crispbread. To go with - mint tea and chilled fresh orange juice.

This time last year:
New coal train, Jeziorna sidings

This time two years ago:
Coal train sidings at Okęcie
Google Earth image of Jeziorki from 2002

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