Sunday, 11 July 2010

If it's Sunday, it must by Ćwilin

Third day, third peak. Ćwilin 1,071m above sea level. I approach the mountain (hill?) from the east; there's no footpath from this side, just a zig-zagging forest road used by the forestry workers.

Above: the view from near the top of Cwilin, looking south. Below: looking down on the DK 28 as it winds its way from Gruszowiec back down towards Dobra.

On the way down: the crossing of the blue tourist trail and the forest road. Something about this view, the trees, blue sky, clouds, the sandy path, that clicked with me. This is not California, no.

Below: On the road back to Dobra, the DK28. Cloud cover increasing, likely to intensify tomorrow leading to storms in the late afternoon. And I've left my tripod at home, necessary for chasing the lightning.

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