Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Śnieżnica - fourth peak

Off to Dobra town, by way of the railway line to Kasina Wielka, from there up to Śnieżnica's summit, then down to Gruszowiec, the mountain pass that lies between Śnieżnica and Ćwilin.

Just passing Dobra station, I catch a good view of Śnieżnica, with a tethered goat in the foreground, above. It seems that Małopolska (the southern province in which Dobra is located) is in a construction frenzy, both public (everywhere new pavements are being built) and private (houses being built, extended or refurbished).

The lower station for Śnieżnica's chairlift is just above Kasina Wielka. The place is dead. Not a living soul (other than the guy mixing concrete at the building site next door). Mountain bike races take place here during summer weekends, but today, I manage to walk up to the peak and three quarters of the way down the other side before I met any other people.

Right: at the very top of Śnieżnica (1,006m above sea level), there's a lack of a decent view, a crown of high trees surrounds the summit, marked by a simple wooden cross and a trig point, bearing a legend that I can't decypher.
AB 5865')
This is the first peak at which I don't meet any other people.

Above: Gruszowiec, where I take a break for lunch at the Bar pod Cyckiem. A horse-drawn hay wagon stops here too. A large beer and bowl of zupa grochowa (pea soup) full of sausage, bacon and vegetables plus eight slices of fresh bread costs 10 zlotys (two pounds). Back in 2008, Eddie and I climbed Ćwilin (seen here in the background) and Śnieżnica, covering over 20km in one day.

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