Tuesday, 17 May 2011

At the end of the line

Three weeks ago, Eddie read an article in Gazeta Stołeczna that the No. 20 tram line to Boernerowo was being restored to use, after a three-year restoration. Time, then, to check it out. A fascinating line, mainly because it runs through such leafy suburbs. The last stops are in wooded landscape, making it unique in Warsaw.

Below: timeless Boernerowo, timber-clad houses from the 1930s, nestling among starodrzew (old woodland) - a bit like Konstancin, but still within Warsaw's boundaries.

Below: O happy outdoor life in Boernerowo! Woodland beckons the cyclist on long warm spring evenings after school or work. And all within a tram's ride of the city centre (no worries about traffic jams). Where the houses end, the forest begins. And in the forest, the runway of Warszawa Bemowo airfield, for general aviation. Picnic al fresco? Glass of Canadian Merlot, anyone?

Along the way to Boernerowo - the military technical academy (Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, below), which today advertises a host of civilian subjects.

Definitely worth another trip out here at some time, lots of fine walking, wonderful atmosphere.

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