Saturday, 7 May 2011

Double-headed rail action, Jeziorki

While out and about with camera today, I chanced upon three double-headed trains. Below: the classic Jeziorki coal train shot, a pair of TEM-2 Tamaras hauling wagons to Siekierki power station via the sidings at Konstancin-Jeziorna, as they approach W-wa Jeziorki station.

Below: I've not seen this configuration before; a Czech class 181-050 electric engine double-heading with a diesel 311-D loco, bringing laden coal wagons to the Okęcie sidings along the electrified main line from the south. The diesel engine was doing its bit too, lots of black smoke billowing forth from it.

Below: a pair of Koleje Mazowieckie class EU-07 engines running light from Warsaw towards Radom (one has obviously broken down). Note the tracks on the right that run into undergrowth; these were the tracks to the aggregate loading ramp, ripped out three years ago by developers for a housing estate that was not to be.


Damien Moran said...

Hi Michael,

I'm glad I've come across your blog, which is both well-written and uniquely informative on topics not usually addressed by the English blogosphere in Poland. I didn't get the chance to talk to you at the gathering today but hoping we will meet again soon. My wife and I are thinking about a home somewhere in Southern Warsaw, preferably around the Ursynów area, so maybe we will take a trip out to Jeziorki some time. Her parents live in Kabaty so we would like to stay around the area if possible.
All the best,

student SGH said...

Aren't the tracks running to the former aggregate ramp to the left?

And wasn't the last photo taken with a mobile phone?

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Damian - Jeziorki's a great place to bring up children, so much better than bloki-land. Next blogmeet will be in November :)

@ Bartek - you're right, it's left :)

The last photo was taken with my Nikon D40, but tweaked to high heaven using Lightroom and Photoshop to get that otherworldly sky and heavy klimat

White Horse Pilgrim said...

These photos take me back to some double-heading years ago - pairs of TKt48s between Jaslo and Rzeszow, and odd steam + diesel combinations between Lublin and Stalowa Wola.

We hardly ever see a double-head here in the UK, just occasionally two 66s on a freight probably positioning one somewhere rather than because the load demands it.