Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bus crash on Puławska

Today's bus accident on ul. Puławska left eight people hospitalised and another 30 hurt as a southbound 739 left the road by the Wyścigi tram loop and careered down an embankment, smashing into the crash barrier on ul. Rzymowskiego that passes under Puławska. The accident happened shortly after half past two, three hours later Rzymowskiego was still closed to westbound traffic. Below: you can see the tracks left by the bus on the embankment - passengers must have been petrified as it dived down into the cutting into the path of oncoming cars.

Below: half past five looking east up Dolinka Służewiecka. Rather a lot of public service vehicles still in attendance.

Below: the bus had been hauled back to free the driver, who according to first reports had fainted at the wheel. This stretch of road has had its fair share of accidents, most notorious of which was the death of one motoring journalist and serious injury of another as the Ferrari they were driving left the road and literally flew into a pillar supporting the fly-over. The speed limit here, by the way, is 50 kmh/ 30 mph.

Another infamous series of events at this spot - a young man driving way over the limit crashed into a pillar and died. His friends held a vigil here to mark his demise, and while doing so, another driver going too fast ploughed into the group killing one mourner.

And just one bus-stop further up ul. Puławska, there was this serious bus fire three years ago.

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