Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lent starts, again

Well, here it is again. Another Lent, another chance to deny, purify and strengthen and through that connect with the Eternal. But in the meantime, Ostatki - 'the Lasts' - the last of the alcohol (empty the drinks cabinet), of meat, of fine cheeses (the Montgomery's cheddar went yesterday), and a last curry.

What more will I add to my catalogue of denial? This year - white bread (I love fresh baguettes on weekend mornings) and chilli and spicy sauces. And more exercises - the traditional press-ups and sit-ups. I'm 5kg/11lbs heavier than I was before last year's Lent.

And the aim? Biologically, to cleanse the body of toxins. To strengthen the will - the will to do as well as the will not to do. And to contemplate life, death and the universe - the expanding universe - and what the fleeting presence of our consciousness upon the face of this small planet means in the bigger scheme of things.

Do we really have free wills? The remains of our lives are getting ever shorter and yet there's just so many more things to think about and to consider in depth. As I get older, that life's worth of thinking leads to more and more profound reflections; indeed, I'd not trade it for being younger and stupider.

And so. In the morning, I shall wake up to eschew meat, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, salt snacks, fast food, white bread and hot spices - and I'll stick with it until Easter Sunday, 8th April. And hopefully gain from the experience physically, mentally and spiritually.

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