Monday, 27 February 2012

Strong late-winter sunshine

A big thanks to regular commentator Andrzej K. for tipping me off about this one - I grabbed the camera and rushed off around the corner to Al. Jerozolimskie to nab this shot (below) of the strong sunlight streaming in along Warsaw's main east-west thoroughfare. Note the cloudline along the horizon - almost perfectly straight.

Below: returning to my office on ul. Nowogrodzka, which runs parallel to Al. Jerozolimskie, with the sun low in the sky and blasting down the road.

It may be zero degrees, but spring in coming. It will be several weeks yet, but the longer period of evening daylight is most certainly welcome, as is the sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photographs to herald the emergence of spring. The first photo is LUSH with texture and warmth and reflective urban 'feel'.

Frater Lens