Saturday, 11 February 2012

Vistula freezes further downstream

Would the Vistula be frozen solid downstream of Siekierki power station? I went to find out, driving to Obórki, 15 km south of Most Poniatowskiego.

Above: looking upstream, less than ten miles south of the centre of Warsaw, and not a sign of the city. Has the river frozen solid?

Above: people venturing out onto the ice. They are doing so responsibly. The man is armed with, sorry - carrying - a stick, testing the ice before moving forward, gingerly. And there must be a second person at hand. They did not not go far before turning back to safety.

Above: the Jeziorka river at its confluence with the Vistula. I must say, I was not brave enough to test the ice in person... better safe than sorry. Another week at -10C, and maybe...

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