Sunday, 19 February 2012

Metro terminus, Kabaty

A neat symmetry; while passing through Kabaty Metro station (en route to the bankomat), I chanced upon two identical Russian-stock trains. The one on the left is waiting to depart, the one on the right as just pulled in to the last station. There's about a minute when both are standing here together. Just enough time to line up a shot on my Nokia 6700 Classic (5 megapixel camera).

Meanwhile, outside, the weather is ghastly. It's raining, it's +2C, the snow's melting; foul, foul weather.

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student SGH said...

Only the passnegers walkind down the platform disrupt the nearly perfect symmetry. Late evening would create an ideal opportunity to snap the same alignment without superfluous elements ;-)

PS. Not a nice feeling when you walk outside your warm house, but still better than snow bringing city to a standstill or also ghastly, but in a totally different dimension, minus twenty four degrees. The latter, despite all nuisances, had its undisputable beauty (radiation fog, diamond dust, billows of smoke coming out of each and every chimney, clouds of fumes behind few cars on the roads).

Paddy said...

I went for an hour's bike ride this morning. Never again! Roll on spring.