Thursday, 10 May 2012

Going home by train with a superwide lens

Whichever form of public transport I take home, I must pass the Patelnia (below), the area between Rondo Dmowskiego and Metro Centrum. On Monday the sky was glowering over Warsaw, low evening sunlight picking out the colour. The new Nikkor 10-24mm lens is put through its paces, yielding outstanding results.

Yesterday it was sunny - to get to W-wa Jeziorki, I board my train at W-wa Śródmieście station (below). Socialist Realism to match the Palace of Culture to the left of frame.

The train passes through W-wa Ochota station, a nice piece of architecture, like W-wa Centralna and W-wa Powiśle, the work of Arseniusz Romanowicz.

Onwards, uneventfully, until we get to W-wa Śłużewiec, where the S79 will intersect with ul. Sasanki. On the left side of the southbound train, here's the new Netia building (below)...

...and to the right side we see the flyovers that will connect the new road to Sasanki. Soon, there will be a rail connection via this station to the airport.

Below: further south, where the main Warsaw-Radom railway line crosses what will be the S2 (Southern Warsaw Bypass). Right now, work is under way to tunnel under the line.

Finally, I reach W-wa Jeziorki (below), about half an hour - if all goes well - from W-wa Śródmieście. It is 3.3km from Okęcie sidings, from where the coal trains run down to Siekierki power station, over the unelectrified line in the foreground.

The last 800m or so I hop on a bus - one stop to ul. Trombity. There are four buses an hour from W-wa Jeziorki station headed east towards home, two coincide with train arrivals. Usually. Otherwise, a 12 minute walk.

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