Sunday, 13 May 2012


Whenever strangers appear in Westerns or in Tolkien, they bring portents of ill to come. Hooded men, astride black steeds, silently measuring the scene... The worst thing is not knowing - what do they want? Who are they working for? Whatever they bring, it's never change for the better - Will the local residents' lives be blighted by their arrival?

Here in Jeziorki, away from the hurly-burly of overcrowded inner-city Warsaw, yet still within the city limits, the local people prize the solitude and the rural vistas. While the nearby airport shields us from unrestricted development, the motor-car and its impatient owner plague our quiet by-ways, especially during the morning rush-hour.

So the sight of surveyors with theodolites has Jeziorki's residents worried.

What are they up to, these Men-in-Dayglo? Plotting on behalf of their evil masters at ZDM to turn ul. Karczunkowska into a four-lane superhighway, complete with viaduct over the railway line, so that our quasi-rural idyll will be turned into a dystopian nightmare urban racetrack?

Or here to deliver us some pavements so that Mr Dembinski and his neighbours can walk, with feet dry, shoes clean, suit trousers unmuddied, along ul. Karczunkowska to catch the electric train into town?

We don't know. They don't say.

[Thanks to Neighbour for photos, taken last month.]

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Neighbour said...

It's not me, the other Neighbour gave you the pictures.

Regarding the day-glo surveyors, I think they are working for PKP, you can find more info here:

and here:

A few weeks ago they were confirming borders of the plots along the rail strip in Jeziorki.

Best regards,

Michael Dembinski said...

@ the other Neighbour :)

Guys from PKP? They should be finishing off W-wa Lotnisko not tinkering around these parts:)

Do you think they're here to give us a viaduct?