Friday, 25 May 2012

Wide angle at Pl. Wilsona

Award-winning* Pl. Wilsona Metro station has been illustrated here before, and again here, but an ultra-wide lens is needed to really do justice to its splendid interiors.

Above: entry from the concourse, on level -1. The dominating feature is this iridescent oval, lit to shimmer like mother-of-pearl, which hangs over the barriers and stairway.

Above: looking up from platform level. One appreciates just how important lighting is to the aesthetics and to the functioning of public transport.

Left: Just one escalator, going up, a broad staircase for passengers descending to platform level. And - as at every station on Warsaw's Metro system, lifts for wheelchairs and prams.

Below: the station is more conventional in appearance at the other end of the platform, but notice the wavy roof-line, distorting the reflections from the neon strip light along the platform's edge.

Below: a group of nuns about to board a southbound train. The wavy roof-line is shown to good effect.

Below: Escalators to street level, emerging onto the ul. Krasińskiego side of Pl. Wilsona. The functionalist monitoring point looks like a WWII bunker

*Winner of the award for Best Station at the 2008 MetroRail convention in Copenhagen.

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