Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jeziorki at its most beautiful

With the Ice Saints gone, the second half of May tends to be the most beautiful time of year in Poland. The greenery is at its greenest, the air is neither too humid nor too hot. So - a long walk in Jeziorki fields is in order.

Above and below: a change of lenses. From the same vantage point. Above - the 10-24mm lens at its widest, polarising filter swung round to wrest the deepest indigo from heaven's zenith. Below: the 80-400mm lens at its longest. In the middle distance, ul. Baletowa links Ursynów to Raszyn (where angels fear to tread); beyond Warsaw's skyline - and the presence of Zlota 44 contributing significantly to it. I wonder how it will look once Twarda 2/4, the Cosmopolitan building, tops out. A slight shimmering heat haze takes some of the detail out of the photo.

a train of empty coal wagons from Siekierki heading back to Okęcie sidings passes the milepost at 2.2km, at the pedestrian crossing on ul. Kórnicka. At this time of year, the coal trains are becoming less frequent and no longer require three locomotives to haul them full.

Once the train has passed, the only sound is that of the wind in the trees and skylarks high above.

across the track and into the wet fields between Jeziorki and Dawidy Bankowe. Agriculture has not fully recovered here since 2010 and its snowy winter and June floods. The fields are not properly drained and immense standing puddles to the west of the railway line impede progress. I'm wearing wellies! I observe some lapwings and a stork as I make my way towards Dawidy Bankowe.

a photo from Thursday evening; I get off the train a stop early at W-wa Dawidy and walk home. The railway line stretches down towards W-wa Jeziorki, picture taken by the crossing on ul. Kórnicka.

The next few days seem set fair, with temperatures in their high 20Cs. Days to be savoured.

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Unknown said...

Very nice photos. I actually was able to visit your neck of the woods (trip to the dentist)a few weeks ago during my anual visit to Poland. I am a regular reader to your site so I made a point of seeing how much I could recognize. I hope you know, because everyone I asked had no idea, Why is Davidy Bankowe named Dawidy Bankowe.
Andrew in Calif.