Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An Advanced Plan

Once again, as every year at this time, that hammer of darkness comes down. The clocks have gone back but it's still dark when we wake, yet we lose an hour of daylight in the evening.

And thus it will be until late March.

Damp, dark and chilly days, punctuated by (I hope) some pure winter magic - blue skies, crisp snow, hoar frost on the trees... such days are but beautiful bonuses, consolation prizes. And that late afternoon as the first snowflakes settle on Warsaw's Old Town... But darkness, dampness and cold generally prevail. Golden Polish autumn has given way to that leafless miserable damp grey that does not lift the soul; days like that are the norm in late November, throughout the snow-free days of December, January and February. Remember that the year's most depressing day occurs in late January, and is followed by weeks of przednówek, after the chance for lasting snow has passed but springs is still a long way off.

So - let us take our minds off Warsaw at this time of year - and think of nicer things. Such as... Seville.

Seville on a blue-sky day, in spring or autumn; not too bakingly hot. Step out for breakfast in the open air, coffee and toast with Seville marmalade, goats cheeses, Serrano ham, olives green and black... And then walking, exploring every nook and cranny.

It's been over five years since my first all-too-short visit, but it is a town that calls to me from across the continent. Looking at my photos makes me yearn to return.

Architecturally a contrast with the Gothic klimat of Gdańsk or Toruń, exotic, touched by North Africa, where the living is easy.

This Thursday, as temperatures in Warsaw struggle to get above freezing, Seville will bask under a cloudless sky and enjoy a daytime high of 21C.

My original post from Seville, early autumn, 2007 is here.

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