Thursday, 15 November 2012

Łazienki's statues renovated

 Oh, how glad I am not to be stuck in Poleczki Business Park! Walking back from the British Embassy to my office today (the most direct route - quicker than public transport, a 15 minute walk), I passed the newly restored statue of King Jan III Sobieski trampling the Turk at the Battle of Vienna (read more here). Note the gilded harness on the horse.

The bridge on which the statue stands, was still closed last week, has also been restored, the stonework cleaned, and replacement steps leading down to the park laid.

Left: Can anyone tell me anything about this statue or sculpture? It stands in Łazienki park, and is not listed on this page, from the park's official website. Hercules? Androcles? Daniel? Some classical or Biblical strongman holding open the jaws of a lion...

The trees in Łazienki are almost bare now, though today we were blessed with some sunshine and blue skies.

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