Friday, 30 November 2012

Another November without snow

Over my 15 years in Poland, some snowfall usually occurs in November - usually late in the month, and usually the snow's only light. Still this year, just as last year, not a flake fell. Yes, there was some snow still remaining in the ground from the anomalous snow that fell on 27-28 October.

Looking back over old posts, one can see that a snow-free November is not that unusual. The outliers are snowy Octobers and snow-free Decembers. Having said that, snow's on the way, so no worries. Climate change, if measured by meteorological anomalies, is coming upon Poland at a slower rate than that facing the UK, which is probably why Brits are more concerned at reducing carbon than Poles.

In the meanwhile, here in Jeziorki, six million zlotys are currently being spent on improving water retention and drainage to stave off the effects of heavy snowfalls and torrential rain on the houses and fields of the neighbourhood.

This time two years ago:
Krakowskie Przedmieście in the snow

This time three years ago:
Ul. Poloneza bisected by S2 roadworks

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