Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cart way before horse

I've often referred to the tendency for new buildings appear out of nowhere, without any connecting infrastructure. Houses sprout up in the middle of muddy fields, unconnected to roadways, pavements or drains. So its bit of a surprise to see things happening the other way round...

Left: I wrote about this before (thanks again to Marcin Daniecki for the tip-off). Within less than three months, the new slip-road coming off ul. Puławska is ready. There's a new road sign, pointing the way to the new Centre for Education and Sport, and another sign beyond - three lanes heading south towards Piaseczno, and one turning right. Below: lane markings have been painted onto the fresh asphalt. Ready to go!

Below: brand new junction, all road markings in place, a traffic island, and a new footpath too. I wonder whether there'll be a new bus stop on Puławska - or indeed whether any buses will detour off Puławska to serve the new centre (over 1.2km from nearest bus stop).

Below: looking towards Puławska from the new road. Pavement, lamp posts, road markings, road signs... All looks good, ready - just cut the tape, Ms Mayor! (Maria Jolanta Batycka-Wąsik, mayor of  Lesznowola municipality, that is, as this is Mysiadło, just outside Warsaw)

...except that Centrum Edukacji i Sportu in Mysiadło is far from ready. It looks as though it will take a couple of years to complete, given that such a centre needs to be fitted out as well as simply being erected. This is not a simple warehouse.

I am glad that access infrastructure at least is now in place, but I question the timing. All I can assume is that there was a pot of EU money that needed to be spent in a hurry. I can think of many local road projects that are more pressing than an access road to a building which will not be ready for a long time yet.

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