Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cat among the magpies

Our young cat, Liluś, brought by Moni from Łódź last spring, is keen to get out into the wilds to hone her hunting skills. She will take any opportunity to climb trees, and twice has had to be rescued from one, having climbed too high. Today a cherry tree full of magpies proved a fertile hunting ground for young Liluś. The four magpies (count 'em!) were completely relaxed about having this predator sharing their tree with them. They laughed, cackled and provoked the cat, which could stand no more teasing -

- so up the trunk of the tree she climbed (below left). The magpies found this hugely enjoyable, and continued cackling (especially the one on the top left). Liluś continued her ascent - the birds felt not remotely threatened. They flew around a bit, then settled back where they had come from. Crestfallen, Liluś slinked down the tree and jumped off the fence into the wet snow beneath.

Reminded me of a favourite BBC cartoon show, Roobarb and Custard...

Photos taken from bedroom window with Nikkor 80-400mm lens, now permanently attached to my Nikon D80, which celebrates its sixth birthday today.

This time two years ago:
My Nikon D80 four years on

This time four years ago:
Nikon D80 two years on

This time five years ago:
Nikon D80 one year on

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