Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wrocław airport's new terminal

As a matter of record - today I flew from Wrocław to Warsaw, travelling through the new terminal building that's less than a year old, completed in (good) time for last year's football championships (now a receding memory, eh?). Like Gdańsk's new airport, the new terminal is bright, spacious, modern and functional.

I'm puzzled by the old terminal building; there's no notification as to whether it's functioning or not, and if it is, what's flying from there. I guess it's closed, but can find no confirmation online.

Wrocław Airport: Terminal 2 exterior, night

Wrocław Airport: Terminal 2 interior
Wrocław Airport: Terminal 2 interior, from Level 2

Wrocław Airport: Terminal 2 from Level 1 looking up

1 comment:

Bob said...

Nice looking terminal. I certainly recall the bunkers, whoops, I mean terminals which existed when I first landed in 1990.

Big changes.

I do think the old terminal in Wroclaw must be awaiting the next launch of Sputnik.