Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Strange icicles outside the window

A Most unusual sight met my eyes this morning looking out of an upstairs window. Wet snow had slid down the roof overnight, like a lava flow or glacier, refreezing as it went, being blown in towards the walls by a south-easterly wind. The icicles that had originally been pointing down were now bent at a 45-degree angle, while more recently formed icicles dangle perpendicularly. I wonder how this will look tomorrow morning?

(Answer - below!)

All day today and indeed yesterday the temperature has been around zero degrees C. Snow has been falling, melting, refreezing. Unusual - neither thaw, nor proper winter.


Bob said...

They are best gently removed and used as 'branch water' for bourbon! (the real whiskey) Rescue them and pit in the freezer wrapped in plastic.

Michael Dembinski said...

A great idea, Bob! 'Branch water' - very apt description. And indeed - best kept for bourbon, as the real whisky (no 'e') requires but a drop of still mineral water, certainly no ice :)