Monday, 11 February 2013

Czachówek's wild woods in winter

My walk around the manor on Sunday was enlivened by the view of a southbound passenger train approaching W-wa Jeziorki station. On a whim, I jumped on, and bought a return ticket to Czachówek Górny, jumping-off point for a very magickal place, an alignment of ley-lines, a rare atmosphere, and at this time of year, with thick snow on the ground, a place with timeless dreamlike quality.

For 9.78 złotys there and back (two quid!) I was transported 17 kilometres south of Warsaw's borders, to the eternal winter woods, where all was quiet and still; not a breath of wind to stir the snow from the trees.

Arrival. Back in a special place

I have dreamed of such places since childhood. Now here I am.
Just gaze into the gorgeousness of it all; gaze - lose yourself in thought
Could this be the Trans-Siberian, somewhere east of Omsk?
Rows of trees between the tracks

Like a frozen cloud trapped in a thorn bush.

As a child, I always wanted to know what's around the bend

Scramble up the bank to reach a higher viewpoint

Through the trees runs another line... from here to all points of the compass

Long train running: chemicals bound for factories of the west.
Czachówek is a marvellous place to escape the daily urban landscape, and at this time of year it offers scenes from your dreams.

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Gordon Hawley said...

Lovely pictures for someone currently sitting in sunny (yet boring) Southern California to see!