Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas round-up

A much shorter visit to my brother's in Derbyshire this Christmas, but enough time to go for an hour-long country walk with Moni before Boxing Day gammon. Not a record-breaking warm day (that was 2015, when 14C was recorded), but a pleasant enough afternoon.

Left: "Run at it, shouting!" We had to make it through a field with a bull in it, but despite Moni's red coat, it left us well alone as we descended across increasingly muddy fields towards the heritage Ecclesbourne Valley railway line (nothing running between 24 and 29 December).

Below: one of the most photographed scenes on my blog! This classic gate'n'valley shot makes its fourth appearance [previous ones here, here and here].

Below: "Drive me back to Ealing/When the evening ends." Pitshanger Lane looking festive.

Hire car this year was a five-door Mini. Biggest gripe with it - reverse gear being immediately to the left of 1st, without a detente or notch protecting it. All too easy to shove the car in reverse at traffic lights. Second (smaller) gripe - where the audio volume/channel control is on the steering wheel on most cars, Mini has placed the speed limiter. So there I am trying to adjust the volume on the car radio, and what I've done is limited the speed to 36 mph as I'm accelerating onto the motorway... A mistake one makes once (had to pull into services to check the manual), but the reverse gear thing was a constant issue. Otherwise, a nice car for the purpose.

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