Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A change in the weather

Five days into May and there's a change in the weather; the relentless blue skies finally clouded over yesterday and, for the first time since Easter, rain at last fell on to the dry and dusty Mazovian plains. It rained overnight, it rained for much of today. It's about to rain now. Above: stormy sunset photographed from upstairs balcony. Wind caused camera shake.

Farmers and gardeners will be happy; April was just too dry for this time of year. And the nice thing about the rain is that it did not fall as a sudden, intense deluge. A few more days like this would come in handy.

I cycled to work today and got caught out by a shower on the way home; I diverted via the Metro (from Politechnika to Natolin); by the time I arrived it had stopped raining and the rest of the way was dry. I note the ban on entering the Las Kabacki forest has not yet been officially lifted, yet this evening the forest was full of cyclists, joggers and walkers.

This time two years ago:
At last - the blessed rain

(The above old post is so apposite. The first three lines for those who don't feel like clicking through: "Today we had rain; lots of it. At last - it hasn't rained in over two weeks. Good news for farmers, gardeners and frogs. The grey sky offered contrast from the generally cloudless blue that we enjoyed since 20 April.")


Bartek Usniacki said...

looking and today's pink-violet-navy shade of the sky at the sunset I somehow felt I'd find a photo of this here.

BTW. Haven't you captured the magnificent clouds rolling over the sky eastwards around quarter past eight?

Michael Dembinski said...

Sadly, I left my camera at home as I went to pick up Moni from confirmation classes. The view along ul. Pileckiego was sublime; setting sun reflecting off wet asphalt and glass of office blocks; black clouds, sunlit horizon. Conclusion. ALWAYS TAKE CAMERA.

Bartek Usniacki said...
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Bartek Usniacki said...

for the scatterbrained ones: AND MAKE SURE BATTERIES ARE IN. Once I strolled with the camera to the NI railawy station and ran across three trains passing one another - front of fast heading Kraków, rear of Warsaw-bound commuter EN57 and front of coal train heading Siekierki aligned in one line just behind the crossing and I wonedered why I couldn't I turn the camera on...

PS. I removed the previous post after noticing eight spelling mistakes