Thursday, 21 May 2009

Coal line rail rarity

A rare sight on the Okęcie to Siekierki coal line - a drezyna reversing past W-wa Jeziorki on its way back to Okęcie. I'd hazard a guess that it's returning from weed-killing duties, the spray-arms raised and the chemical tank empty. Unless anyone else has any bright ideas?

For people interested in this kind of thing, this is WM15A 499 (WM = wózek motorowy, or motorised trolley), operated by PCC Rail Coaltran. Below: on the level crossing, ul. Karczunkowska.

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student SGH said...

I've seen such rail vehicles both on W-wa - Kraków railroad and Siekierki siding, they don't go there so often indeed, rather in the summer season and are used for rail maintenance. However, the tank wagons in your post "Trackside views from Mysiadło" were something totally new for me. In 2005 I've witnessed the drezyna like this in Kierszek. The crew of the unit was cutting the twings of trackside shrubs and instead of packing them into sacks they scattered them wawy from teh track, contributing to a usual squalor... There was however one amusing thing in their activity - those men were getting out of the vehicle to cut off the twigs, then getting on, pulling out, driving ten metres to stop and then get off once again...