Friday, 22 May 2009

Feel Like Going Home

Returning by train via W-wa Jeziorki station at this time of year gives me the chance to take an unhurried walk home at the end of the working week. It had been raining hard this evening; the rain ceased and the clouds parted as the train pulled out of W-wa Zachodnia.

Though there were still puddles on the ground, the walk along ul. Nawłocka was beautiful and the air felt clean and Jeziorki a perfectly magical place to live. Above: the setting sun through oak leaves, ul. Nawłocka. Although the walk home from the station is longer than directly down ul. Karczunkowska, it is untroubled by traffic and prettier.

Above: ul. Trombity at dusk. Reflections of the twilight sky on the wet tarmac. Summer twilight in Jeziorki is a very special time. The quality of light gives rise to a mood of tranquil contemplation of the metaphysical.

This time last year:
Mr Hare comes to call

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