Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Making plans for Jeziorki

I'd not seen these plans before. They are here, on the Warsaw city hall website. Three new roads are planned for Jeziorki. All three are drogi zbiorcze or 'feeder roads'.

To the south, ul. Agaty will run eastwards to connect the new estates of Mysiadło to ul. Puławska - this one I knew about. To the north, ul. Sporna will be stretched westwards to meet ul. Kinetyczna across the railway tracks and across the new S2 expressway. Linking the two - oh horror (says the NIMBY* half of my brain) will be ul. Hołubcowa bis, an extention of the existing Hołubcowa running south across ul. Baletowa, parallel to the railway line, then running south-east through fields, cutting across ul. Nawłocka and ul. Karczunkowska until it runs into ul. Agaty**.

Above: Having crossed Baletowa, ul. Hołubcowa bis will run along here...

Above: ...passing through orchards and fields...

Above: ...and will then swing left to reach ul. Karczunkowska and beyond.

While this will do much to reduce jams on ul. Puławska, this road and the S2 Puławska bis on the other side of the tracks will bring to an end the rural character of the south-west Jeziorki for good. But when will all this happen?

According to the Multi-year Investment Plan of Ursynów district (here), the only planned roadworks for Jeziorki between now and 2013 is the tarmacking of ul. Poloneza (long overdue - it's now baked solid and dusty as anything) and a viaduct over the new south Warsaw bypass.

According to this study by Siskom, the three new feeder roads, the Sporna and Hołubcowa extention and ul. Agaty are due to be built between 2015 and 2020.

So plenty of time - knowing Polish construction timescales, I can add another ten years to that easy. By then, a lovely place in the country will have eased the loss of Jeziorki's semi-rural character.

* NIMBY - 'not in my back yard' - progress by all means, but not when it impinges upon my quality of life. Not a notion I share. Put up or ship out, says the rational half of my brain.

** ul. Agaty, also known as ul. Kuropatwy bis. Bird names (Kuropatwa = Grouse) should stay east of ul. Puławska where they belong. Names of semi-precious stones are a novelty around here. No - this new road should have a musical name, in keeping with the convention of street names of west Ursynów. From the Lambada to the Alpenhorn. So I propose ul. Jazzowa.

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Marcin said...

"So I propose ul. Jazzowa." Michael, pardon me, but you seem to be old-fasioned. Nowadays, ther's something else on a top... Ya know... - hip-hop, techno or alike. Can ya imagine? ul. Hip-hopa (Eng. Hip-hop Street), ul. Techno (Eng. Techno Street)... :)))))))

Ok. Regarding planned traffic structure of the future (aka eternity) my opinion is similar as yours. I.e. partialy NIMBY syndrome, but I also guess that Hołubcowa extention (i.e. Hołubcowa-bis) might trim a local character just only as both Puławska will be modernized and S2 expressway will be constructed. Guess that actually the Karczunkowska plays a role of a little "Southern Varsovian Circle Motorway". As only of 60-70 per cent of that traffic might be directed (both south and north) onto Puławska and S2 expressway, then at the Jeziorki and Pyry areas a traffic might not necessarily become so huge and intensive. And also, if the POW is to be included into this system, then all heavy traffic might find a way to escape (reflecting every direction), and most of that lighter traffic (that's anlocal character) might have also a room to be contained. So just look on that, that together with the Karczunkowska - Nawłocka, Trombity and Kórnicka (up to Jeziorki) actually play a role of a little "Southern Varsovian Circle Motorway" system.

Michael Dembinski said...

How about a compromise - between Jazz and Hip-hop - Funk Street (ul. Funkowa)?

You are right - it may well be that Puławska Bis S2 expressway is so effective at syphoning off traffic from Puławska that there'll be no need to build Hołubcowa Bis. The pace of traffic growth (+10% a year) will eventually slow down and stop.

I hope.