Sunday, 12 July 2009

Agricultural notes from Jeziorki

High summer and the fields are full of ripening crop. This year April and early May were very dry; June was extremely wet. Above: the field of oats, behind our garden. This year, I will be in Warsaw to see it harvested (the oats are usually all gathered in by mid-August).

Not so good on the potato front. The field alongside ul. Nawłocka (right) shows signs of being severely waterlogged; the flowers of the plants are withered and the crop is blighted. Meanwhile in the fruit trees, it's a staggeringly good year for cherries - though a bountiful crop is not particularly good news for the commercial growers who have to contend with low, low prices. This was the case with apples last year.

Not every potato field is contending with the consequences of heavy rains; this one looks in rude health. Wherever we can, we support local growers by buying locally. In Zgorzała, there are several season fruit and veg stalls where local farmers will sell their produce. It's better for the local economy and for the environment. And I dare say, Jeziorki potatoes are tastier than ones from Holland or Spain.

Wheatfields look nice too - the stalks are long, the ears are full.

This time last year
The Rampa - going, going...

This time two years ago:
Glum July, dark skies and rain

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