Thursday, 9 July 2009

Regulations, absurdities

"Hang on a minute! I've only got as far as Paragraph 5 Point 2! Stop hooting at me! I must acquaint myself with the Park + Ride Regulations before driving in! WAIT why don't you? "Wyłącza się odpowiedzialność Miasta Stolicy Warszawy z tytułu szkód komunikacyjnych i parkingowych dotyczących pojazdów i osób korzystających z Parkingu" ... Is that good or bad... Better call my lawyer. Where's his number... STOP BEEPING AT ME! ...Need to get to grips with Paragraph 10 Point 1. The one that says it costs 100 zlotys a go to park here - bit steep, eh? It's only 30 zlotys to park right outside my office... But WAIT! Keep your hair on man! Paragraph 10 Point 2 states that if I have a valid ZTM ticket I don't have to fork out a stoover for parking here... What do you mean by 'valid' - Paragraph 10 Point 2 Section 1 says 'został zkasowany...' But not a single-journey or a 20-minute ticket? No, one that's good for at least 24 hours that's been valididated ... well that's clear now STOP GETTING IMPATIENT WITH ME MISTER, ALRIGHT?! I've still got three paragraphs to read before I move any further! OK SO THERE'S NOW NINE CARS QUEUING BEHIND YOU SO WHAT? Paragraph 12 subsection G clearly forbids me from vacuum-cleaning the upholstery of my car while in the car park and LOOK! Paragraph 14 prohibits drivers queuing up to enter the car park from punching in the nose or indeed anywhere else someone who's stopped to read the regulations. And don't even think of leaving your ice-cream van or mobile chip-shop here. Clearly stated in Paragraph 4, Point 1, Section 5) Item d). And don't park overnight, because the P+R is open from 04:00am to 02:30am.

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dave said...

amazing. next, they'll have you click on a button to show that you agree to the terms and conditions before they allow you into the lot.

Anonymous said...

Do these bureaucrats really believe that drivers are going to read these regulamins before useing the car park?


Aphelion said...

Wow, and I thought it was bad in Germany...